Web sites and personal projects

I'm involved in different projects, some are public, some not. Below the list from the newest to the oldest.

Check also my github page here.

2016 - Vi(e)bration

Charity website which uses music and virtual reality as medecine Vi(e)bration. Made with Wordpress.

2015 - "Paperboy" Mail & contacts

Professional mailing list and contacts manager website. Add/edit your contacts info into groups and send email to selected groups thru Mailgun API. Made with BottlePy, AngularJS, Google Material and MongoDB.

2014 - Photos sharing

Personal photo sharing website. Share your photos without storing them into GAFA datacenters. Photos-entre-amis.fr (french). Made with BottlePy, Bootstrap 3 and SQLite.

2012 - Mobile sawmill

Professional colorful website about wood, sawmill, and fair builder. Made with Drupal 7.

2011 - Indoor soccer fields booking

Soccer fields booking website. Manage different field's type (3x3, 6x6), price and hours. Made with Drupal 6.

2008 - Wired - linux audio software

Computer Assisted Music software -- development stalled.

It's main use is to compose, record, edit and mix sounds. It's suited for amateur and semi-professional use that's why its graphic interface is user friendly and easy to handle.

Technicals details :

  • Coded in C++
  • Used wxWidgets for graphicals needs
  • Used several codecs-libraries: libvorbis, libsoundtouch, libFLAC, ...

Wired has no more development team since February.
If anybody want to take part in the project, drop me an e-mail please.

2005 - Freewar

RTS Game in alpha state -- development stalled.

Technicals details :

  • Coded in C
  • Used SDL for 2D graphicals needs
  • Pathfinding using A* algorithm
  • Multi-player game using a home-made network engine (libnettool).
  • Load on start a XML configuration file containing all games rules, with tinyXML library.

2004 - Gomoku

Gomoku Game. -- development stalled (screenshot to come).

The charasteristic of this game is the capability of playing against or with A.I. It can suggest you to move to different positions. It uses a beautiful Gentoo/BSD theme to give you enough pleasure to play this game with remote (or local with the same keyboard) friends.

Technicals details :

  • Coded in C++
  • Used wxWidgets for graphics
  • Multi-player game (with chat) using a home-made network engine (libnettool).
  • Multiple level of difficulty of Artificial Intelligence, uses an open API to handle dynamically your A.I.

2003 - Libtools

Libtools is a bunch of libraries who speed up the development in C. It needs a better documentation to use it in real new projects but the basis is here :

  • libnettool: Let some part of your program dialog with distants computer.
  • libxmltool: Parse XML files in the simpliest way (using tinyXML).
  • libsoundtool: Add some music or taunt in your game.
  • liblogtool: Log your output and errors messages.
  • libstdtool: A overlay of libC functions. Check malloc results and more.

List of older projects :
  • Raytracer: like the original one (C, XWindow)
  • 42Shell (rewrite your shell only with UNIX system call..)
  • Winmine (a clone wrote in MFC with cheats included)
  • A basic trojan (Win32 API): can be hooked on any executable, and then on launch is replicated on all actives process to spread the computer.
  • ...

More description and screenshots will be soon available...