Personal projects

I'm involved in different projects, some still active and public, some not. Below the list from the newest to the oldest.

Check also my github page here.

2018 - Python OAuthlib

Maintainer of OAuth2.0 and "OpenID Connect" python projects oauthlib and requests-oauthlib used by more than 1500 packages (used by 250k fork & projects combined).

2016 - Vi(e)bration

French charity website which uses music and virtual reality as light medecine "Vi(e)bration" (site now dead). Made with Wordpress.

2015 - "Paperboy" Mail & contacts

Professional mailing list and contacts manager website. Add/edit your contacts info into groups and send email to selected groups thru Mailgun API. Made with BottlePy, AngularJS, Google Material and MongoDB.

2014 - Photos sharing

Personal photo sharing website. Share your photos without storing them into GAFA datacenters. (french). Made with BottlePy, Bootstrap 3 and SQLite.

2012 - Mobile sawmill

Professional colorful website about wood, sawmill, and fair builder. Made with Drupal 7.

2011 - Indoor soccer fields booking

Soccer fields booking website. Manage different field's type (3x3, 6x6), price and hours. Made with Drupal 6.

2008 - Wired - linux audio software

Computer Assisted Music software -- development stalled.

It's main use is to compose, record, edit and mix sounds. It's suited for amateur and semi-professional use that's why its graphic interface is user friendly and easy to handle.

Technicals details :

  • Coded in C++
  • Used wxWidgets for graphicals needs
  • Used several codecs-libraries: libvorbis, libsoundtouch, libFLAC, ...

Wired has no more development team since February 2009.
If anybody want to take part in the project, drop me an e-mail please.

2005 - Freewar

RTS Game in alpha state -- development stalled.

Technicals details :

  • Coded in C
  • Used SDL for 2D graphicals needs
  • Pathfinding using A* algorithm
  • Multi-player game using a home-made network engine (libnettool).
  • Load on start a XML configuration file containing all games rules, with tinyXML library.

2004 - Gomoku

Gomoku Game. -- development stalled (screenshot to come).

The charasteristic of this game is the capability of playing against or with A.I. It can suggest you to move to different positions. It uses a beautiful Gentoo/BSD theme to give you enough pleasure to play this game with remote (or local with the same keyboard) friends.

Technicals details :

  • Coded in C++
  • Used wxWidgets for graphics
  • Multi-player game (with chat) using a home-made network engine (libnettool).
  • Multiple level of difficulty of Artificial Intelligence, uses an open API to handle dynamically your A.I.

2003 - Libtools

Libtools is a bunch of libraries who speed up the development in C. It needs a better documentation to use it in real new projects but the basis is here :

  • libnettool: Let some part of your program dialog with distants computer.
  • libxmltool: Parse XML files in the simpliest way (using tinyXML).
  • libsoundtool: Add some music or taunt in your game.
  • liblogtool: Log your output and errors messages.
  • libstdtool: A overlay of libC functions. Check malloc results and more.

List of older projects :

  • Raytracer: basic shapes and forms with transparency (C, XWindow)
  • 42Shell (rewrote shell only with UNIX system call without libc)
  • Winmine (clone of game wrote in C++ MFC with cheats included)
  • Trojan (C++ Win32 API) can be hooked on a executable, and then when started is replicated on all running processes to spread across the computer.
  • ...