Professional experiences

I was involved in different roles but remain mainly technical and working as hands-on roles in a highly complex environment with strong requirements (low latency, private lines, legacy constraints, ...). Check also my CV 2022 Jonathan Huot.

2012/present - LSEG Refinitiv

Engineering Manager

Built a Customers Identity Access Management system integrated into a microservices environment based on Keycloak, PingFederate and custom APIs, in a AWS globally distributed environment. Managing team of 10.

Enhanced customers connectivity to our AWS cloud private infrastructure by deploying Reverse Proxy (Nginx, Kong) behind AWS VPCe service for faster time-to-market of new upstreams. Managing team of 6.

Maintain OnPrem Gateway platform by enhancing reverse-proxy components to support company transformation, move to cloud and modernization of core components. Managing team of 10.

CIAM Architect

Built and deployed OAuth2.0/OpenID Connect Secure Token Service from scratch written in Python natively in AWS . Used DynamoDB, Elasticache, lambda, SNS, JWT key managements globally. Used by 400.000 users worldwide since 2018. Lead developer and architect from 2018 to 2020.

Lead Software Engineer

Enhanced platform by building and deploying reverse proxy at the edge of datacenters: varnish, nginx, apache along with customized authorization, CDN/caching rules, upstream failover and others. Built internal tools in Python and AngularJS for SRE teams: API and UI for gateway management. Route all customers traffic to the platform (200 FQDN, 300 services, thousands of upstream servers) since 2013 until present. Lead developer.

Past experiences